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At Lukach Management Group, we give our employees the tools they need to succeed and help them transform into leaders. We love helping the community around us and look for people who share our passion. You’ll find training programs tailored to your needs and leaders that will motivate you to sharpen your skills and scale your career. Are you someone who desires to make a positive impact on the lives of others, loves interacting with different people, and wants to build marketing campaigns that matter? If so, we’d love to meet you.


Working with us

Reach career success with Lukach Management Group

When you start your next marketing career step with Lukach Management Group, you will become a vital member of our understanding team, who are passionate about their work and deliver the best results for our valued clients. Everything we do is driven by our simple yet strong vision to bring joy, success, and fun to everyone we meet, from our clients to our associates. When you join us, you will also get an opportunity to be part of meaningful causes through our philanthropic values while adding to our top-notch company culture.

What makes us different from the rest

Suppose a satisfying and flourishing career in marketing is what you want, then Lukach Management Group is the ideal place to try things that would otherwise be difficult. Our favorite thing about our firm is the wholesome values we have inside this company–our team inspires one another and themselves when things get tough; there isn’t an opportunity left unturned to convey appreciation towards others. Our associates are great and supportive, and we will go out of our way to be there for you.

As a direct marketing firm, we always aim to offer unique lead-generation campaigns for our services, giving clients a competitive edge in the marketplace. To support this drive, we enable our people to be involved in a professional development program that equips them to take a hands-off approach and use the latest promotional strategies with the brands we serve. By constantly revamping how we work, using technology, systems and processes, we desire to present our clients with the best possible solutions for their businesses.

We know that our team is key to our marketing firm’s growth. Therefore, we compensate those who are committed to our vision.

Some of the perks of working with us

Be a part of a Cohesive Team.

Lukach Management Group’s culture encourages teamwork through collective efforts and fosters productive working relations based on mutual respect. Our most important value is developing the spirit of ‘we are one team’ because we win as a team. As a part of our firm, our leadership team will guide you and lead you to be the best version of yourself with all the help and constructive feedback right from day one. The spirit is never-ending, from lavish parties and attractive bonuses to a breathtaking tropical retreat for all team members and their significant others.

Reach your potential ability

Even though we hold a great clientele, we want to carry forward that evolution by never stopping the flow of ideas by our team members. We equip our new hires for the future by giving them the assistance and resources required to commence on a path to success on day one. You will continuously learn new things when you sign up with us and show your specific skills. We ensure that you prosper in your career. Our personalized sales and marketing strategy

will help you be a better marketer.

At Lukach Management Group, one of the ways to become a valued marketing expert is by interacting and learning from the best in the industry. That’s why we always present opportunities to meet with renowned industry leaders. We enable you to develop your network by engaging in top industry events and conferences with experts. This is a great way to gain confidence-building knowledge along the way. Overall all these Training and inspiration sessions will help to keep the mind alive!

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